Thursday, August 5, 2010

[Call a Convention] - Veto by 3/5 States

The Coffee Party is also having a Convention and talking about amendments. Since the ideas posted so far were all misguided I figured I'd help them out.
You can comment on this or vote for this idea.

Veto by 3/5 States

State legislatures may elect to submit a veto vote on any new law enacted by the federal government. Should three fifths of States submit a veto for any federal law, that law we be considered overturned and nullified. There will be no time limit on receiving a veto from the states and veto once submitted by a given state can be retracted by the same state as long as the law has not been overturned. Once the law is overturned it cannot be reinstated by a change in State level votes and cannot be voted on again by federal level lawmakers without first changing it in some way. If passed again in any form it as any law is still subject to 3/5 State level veto.

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